About Mr.Pogue


The journey of Mr.Pogue began on March 4,1991 in a city called the Motor City (Detroit).  In this journey he observed his mother teach K-8 reading for 15 years and it would soon rub off on him.   Before Chonsey Pogue became Mr.Pogue he obtained a Bachelors in Special Education at Michigan State University.

As a  teacher, I want to ensure the students are supported in the receiving  the best education possible.  I am interested in gaining  knowledge  in how to integrate technologies to best support learning  in the classroom.   I joined the Educational Technology Master’s Program, to make myself more versatile as a technology integrative teacher.


I have been a camp counselor, camp director, and maintenance intern at Pretty Lake Vacation Camp. It was a very great period of my life because  I learned how to collaborate with others, work with kids of all ages, plan camp activities.  This is where I first realized how much I love working with kids.


Also I love fashion especially sunglasses! If i wasn’t a teacher I would strongly entertain fashion design.


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